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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 17, 2014 6:00am-6:54am EST

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>> it should be an easy commute, even whether we have an accident like this one on the outer loop of the beltway live from our sky 9 at georgia avenue where the left lane is squeezed by the accident. it was someone who had lost a tire and then behind it an accident occurred and now authorities are on the scene as well. so a timey bit slow. could be worse on the outer loop at georgia avenue here in silver spring. let's take a look now at our graphic. want to let you know with it being president's day and the holiday, metro is on a saturday schedule. they do close at midnight. marc penn is on a sunday schedule. no camden or brunswick, no vre, no hov restrictions except the john hansen highway. the northbound side of springfield looks great in both the main and hov lanes. four robbery victims have given loudoun county investigators similar descriptions of their attacker. >> the most recent attacks happened last week at apartments near dulles town
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center mall. delia goncalves is live near there with more on the investigation and a victim's description of what happened to her. delia? >> reporter: pretty scary stuff. police are asking all women in the community to really keep their eyes open, staying alert because they believe women are being targeted. police after talking to the four victims involved released a composite sketch of the suspect. his attacks we're told started december 29. the victim we spoke to exclusively said she was returninhome from work when the man approached her with a gun. she managed to get away and the suspect tried to hold up a second woman nearby just a short time later. the 21-year-old tells us she believes man wanted more than just money because he ordered her to strip. >> he made me sit down at the curb. he had his gun pointed at my head. he made me remove my coat, my top. and then he made me stand up and turn around and he had his
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gun pointed to the back of my head and told me to take my pants off. that's when i thought that i wasn't going to let this happen and just ran away as fast as i could. >> the 21-year-old girl, very brave, a young woman brave enough to speak to us about her frightening ordeal. police deceive the man as -- describe the man as a light skinned black man driving a burgundy or maroon car. what happened after the woman ran away? i'll let you know coming up at 6:30. baltimore ravens running back ray rice and his if ien say are both -- his fiance are both facing charges. the two got in a fight inside an atlantic city casino. rice and jenee struck each other with their hands. they were released on personal recognizance with a summons to appear in court. charges are pending against a 15-year-old boy who was
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hospitalized after the stolen van he was driving flipped over on interstate 95. the incident happened sunday morning in spotsylvania county near the caroline county line. a state trooper tried to stop the white dodge van after it was involved in a hit-and-run crash. authorities say the teen kept going. at one point he rammed the trooper's cruiser forcing it off the road and into a guardrail. then the teen rammed a second cruiser losing control of the van as it flipped over. the cause after fire at a home in bethesda is under investigation. still firefighters are trying to find out the cause. it broke out at a home on irvington avenue off bradley boulevard. no one was in the home at the time. neighbors say the man who lived there died about a year ago. several people were taken to the hospital sunday after a carbon monoxide leak at the westin hotel near bwi airport. anne arundel county firefighters evacuated the hotel and the staff and called it a medical emergency suspecting carbon monoxide
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poisoning. the co levels in the building were in the deadly range. time for another your money report. >> if you're in the market for a car this is the time. good morning, jess. good morning, mike. good morning, andrea. this is a good time to capitalize on all the wintry weather we've been experiencing. the big storms that have recently hit several states are leading to big discounts at car dealerships. automakers are cutting prices to boost business. ford and gm are offering incentives on their pickups. honda and toyota are discounting many of their popular mid-size sedans. it is costing more to fill up your car. gas prices in the d.c. area are up 4 cents in the past week. aaa says the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.34. still, that's 36 cents lower than this time last year and we're about a penny lower than the national average. the home of our nation's first president will open its doors for free today in honor
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of president's day. you can experience george washington's mount vernon estate for free all day long. the day-long events will include a 21 gun salute and wreath laying ceremony at washington's tomb. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is also expected to stop by. and with valentine's day behind us, something a little less romantic. they say money can't buy love but new researchers beg to differ. men tell finds the more money you make, the more likely you are to find a row participantic partner. 96% of people who make over $83,000 a year say they've been in love, but only 83% of people who make less than $16,000 a year can say the same thing. we hope they find a sweetie anyway. >> that's all that's important. 6 after the hour. the hijacking after plane bound for rome turns out to be the act of a man seeking asylum. >> thousands of people celebrate president's day weekend with an oath of
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tracking weather with an hour-by-hour forecast. wusa9 first alert weather. it is 10 after 6:00 on this monday morning. a very cold monday morning. skies are generally clear. we have teens and 20s, even a few locally single digits n. will be the coldest day of the week by far. highs in the mid-30s to start. increasing clouds late. chance for a little snow tonight. i'll tell you about that in a about three minutes with the weather cast. now over to monika and timesaver traffic. an accident here in silver spring. live from our sky 9 on the outer loop of the beltway at georgia avenue. about four cars involved. crews have arrived on the scene. it is squeezing the left lane. volumes are light this morning but it is causing just a slight delay. back to you guys. thanks a lot, monika. it's 6:10 in the news. swiss official says it was the
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co-pilot of an ethiopian airlines jet that hijacked a plane early this morning and forced it to land in geneva. the copilot was arrested and reportedly seeking asylum. three u.s. dwip mats have been -- diplomats have been ordered to leave venezuela. the venezuelaian president accuses them of conspiring against his government. the state department expressed concerns about rising tensions in venezuela. three protesters died in clashes last week in caracas. 18,000 immigrants are u.s. citizens after president's day weekend. they had been taking oaths of allegiance in 148 naturalization ceremonies across the country since friday. the head of the u.s. citizenship and immigration services will deliver the oath to about 75 people today in atlanta. good thing it wasn't last week when atlanta was crippled with ice and snow.
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they're warming up and so are we at 6:116789 here's howard's forecast. >> one day till our warm-up begins. today will be another cold day. yesterday was chilly. >> yesterday was very cold. >> had a touch of snow in the afternoon. we'll get a touch of snow tonight, maybe an inch or two. places like martinsburg, fredericksburg. western loudoun more so than eastern loudoun. we'll watch it carefully because you get an inch pore two out in rural virginia and that means school delay issues. let's show you your forecast on this monday morning, president's day where we're talking about temperatures which will be slow to climb into the mid-30s this afternoon. we're starting in the teens and 20s. winds go from north to eerily at 5 to -- easterly at 5 to 10 miles per hour. 31 by 9:00. we'll have a low around 30 but after midnight here in the metro. with ale have a little bit of snow flying and south of town some of the snow could mix with rain so not expecting too much across southern maryland or the eastern shore but perhaps a dusting to an inch in the
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immediate metro 1 to 2 well north and west. certainly cold enough to support snow with single digits. below zero in cleveland. locally teens and 20s out there. we're down to 17 now in damascus. bill in smithsburg near the maryland-pennsylvania boarder said he has almost two feet of snow on the ground. 's down to 7 with calm winds. white oak 20. dulles 21. it's 24 in alexandria this morning. michael & son weather camera, no problems. visibility looks real good this morning. skies are generally clear to partly cloudy. 26. the wind out of the north, northwest at 10. the wind chill feels like it's 16. many ever the wind chills are down in the teens. some areas have very light winds. some of them like national have that gusting -- or excuse me, sustained wind at 10. a nice warm-up down south. look a the 70-degree reading in little rock and dallas this afternoon. getting toasty in phoenix. going to be the upper #s on. we'll see these -- upper 80s.
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we'll see these temperatures warm more over the great lakes the next couple of days. we'll climb from the 30z to the 50-degree range. maybe 52 tomorrow. dallas in the mid-70s. we'll get even milder on wednesday. in the mid- to upper 50s around here. and that regime where we've got the cold north, the warm south, we call this a zonal pattern leer because the jet stream is going across the country from west to east. you don't see any big dips. we don't get any big storms and we don't get any really cold air intruding from canada. enough cold though that we have some snow falling in parts of the northern plains, northern mississippi valley. with the cold air at the surface, they've been reporting thunder and freezing rain in the st. louis area this morning. had some loud thunder too from some of the reports we're getting from our friends out there. locally it's all quiet. high pressure is building in for you on this monday, this president's day. one more cold day. if you have a ton of snow blocking the sidewalk or the street where you're parked, i know, it's been a pain. it's been out there for days.
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today really not going anywhere. even though we'll have sunny skies, temperatures are going to hold in the 30s for highs. that's going to change though, this week. tonight the clouds will start to move in from west to east. by midnight snow moving in toward d.c. that snow will start a couple hours earlier toward the shenandoah valley and western maryland and eastern west virginia. this is a quick hitter. clipper systems usually are. not a lot of moisture. if we got an inch or two out toward the then dough would valley, -- shenandoah valley, out toward warrenton, frederick. that's possible. here in d.c. we're looking at maybe a dusting to perhaps an inch. you'll notice at 4:00 a.m., southern maryland, charles, caert, st. mary's, the northern neck, showing a little bit of rain down there before you get cold enough overnight. you could also get a slick spot or two. if you get the rain and drop down to 31, 30, we'll have to watch for slick spots even down there where rain mixes in. at 7:00 a.m. this whole thing is pulling away. sunshine and milder temperatures build in for rr midnight.
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penn sunday schedule. no camden or brunswick lines today. no vre and no hov restrictions again with the exception of the john hansen highway. there's a water many break in clinton on wood yard road near branch avenue so watch out for that as well. back to you guys. 6:18. here's another look at our question of the morning. the afternoon cost of one of these is about $2300. is it a, a new car transmission, b, a vacation, or c, an engagement ring? >> listen to this reasoning from maria. she wrote a, a new car trans-- not a. a new car transmission can run from $1400 to $4100 and a vacation can cost more than $2300 so she believes it is c, an engagement ring. >> we'll have more of be right
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three cars involved there. let's take a live look outside. here's what it looks like if you're planning to head on the beltway at georgia avenue. looking much better than a few moments ago. we'll wind a live look on the northbound side of i-95. remember, it's president's day. that means no hov restrictions here or on 66 and 395 and 260 this morning. back to you. time so see what our partners at cbs this morning are working on. >> anthony mason joins us live. >> good morning. ahead we're following major overnight developments after a copilot allegedly hijacked an ethiopian airline flight to switzerland. we're talking about the rare earthquakes in the south and on this president's day, we meet the tailor who has outfitted three presidents. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you all at 7:00. >> all right. we'll be watching. have a good morning. there appears to be no end
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island. thankfully nothing happened there. she screamed. a suspect ran away. then of course two women were assaulted in this apartment building complex right by the mall. that just happened last week. so we have four assaults happening in the last couple of months. police believe there is a serial attacker targeting women. they are releasing that composite sketch and they want women to be on alert. they say he is a light skinned black man possibly driving a maroon or red colored car. back to you in the studio. >> all right, delia, thank you. cold weather and the recent storms in our area are eastbound wreaking havoc on the streets. crews across d.c., maryland and virginia have been busy repairing a slew of potholes and some pretty big ones, too. the district pothole palooza is said to begin next month. that's when ddot adds extra crews to fill the reported potholes and they try to do it within 48 hours. ddot has already filled more than 5700 potholes. and last it would be.
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here's a live look from our sky 9 in the greenbelt area headed toward college park. all lanes are open as you can see. if you're using the major thoroughfares, you'll be happy to know that on this president's day, there are no hov restrictions with the excess of route 50, the john hansen highway near this camera shot. we'll take you over to our traffic feature on our free ipad app, a free download at the app store. once you're there, our traffic feature at shows you real time traffic information down to your street level and your neighborhood. you can zoom into the area you're interested in. for example, the outer loop here at georgia avenue where there was an accident. it was cleared out of the roadway. it's now all green. you can see in fact let's go to our traffic screen. all these lines explain the traffic flow, black being the slowest. here your icons with especially the accident and you get a lot of those during the week and during the rush hour. this morning we had a few of them. let's take a live lofar
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this year. bob costa is expected to return to the olympics after being sidelined with an eye infection. matt lauer and meredith very era filled in for him while he was out. the big winners at the final award show before the oscars were "gravity" and "12 years a slave." the british academy of television and arts awards were handed out last night. kate blanchette won for her role. "gravity" won for best director, best british film and special effects. time now to answer the facebook question of the morning now. the average one of these costs about $2300. is it a new car tran mission, a vacation, or an engagement ring? >> facebook friend mike keller wrote, trust me, it's c. >> that is the engagent


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